GipsVision feiert Pixy sein 10-jähriges Jubiläum…

Bildverarbeitung Messe 2009
Konferenz „Industrielle Bildverarbeitung : Welche Herausforderungen für die Zukunft ? „

GipsVision More than 150 licenses deployed

Dedicated to dashboard testing, this sofware tool from Gips library has been used on new application, like TFT display inspection, on deployed on new sites, especially by Johnson Controls in Mexico.

Several evolutions has been done recently to Pixy, that can now support high-dynamic range cameras (16 bits per canal digitizing).

Image processing library Gips, that underlies Pixy, passed this year the 200 licenses sold. The other software module Graduel , dedicated to smal pointer inspection, passed this year the 100 licenses. A new release is annoucend for Q2 2010.